stairway-to-heaven-eugenio-merinostill-staying-alive-eugenio-merino1Eugenio Merino

Eugenio Merino (Madrid, 1975) Among the issues that give life to his work we can find everything from it controversial; wars, religion, politics and everything start of the audience laughs consent or hatred of discrepancy. He is an artist who has achieved something never seen: for according to the three major religions. Jews, Muslims and Catholics ofendidos.eugeniomerino




John William Waterhouse

Painter Classic, historical and literary themes. John William Waterhouse was born in 1849 in Rome, where his father worked as a painter. He was referred to as «Nino» throughout his life. In the 1850s the family returned to England. Before entering the Royal Academy schools in 1870, Waterhouse assisted his father in his study. His early works were of classical themes in the spirit of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and Frederic Leighton, and were exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Society of British Artists and the Dudley Gallery. In the late 1870s and the 1880s, Waterhouse made several trips to Italy, where he painted genre scenes.After his marriage in 1883 with Esther Kenworthy, Waterhouse was installed at the Primrose Hill Studios.

John Collier-nude

psyche opening the golden box detail by John William English painter

Loretta Lux-The Waiting GirlLoretta Lux

Lux (1969) was born in Dresden, a town in eastern Germany, currently living Monaco. Trained as a painter, graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Munich in the 1990s say that work has a cotízadisima only available to some collectors and prestigious museums. The artist combines photography, painting and digital techniques to provide disturbing vision of children who remain «captured» in time. To create each image usually takes between 2 and 3 months, so that each unit (each image has a limited run of 20 units) is larger than the $ 15,000 price. Portraits of lost within a framework of desolate landscapes looks, all to offer a supposedly soulless vision of an admittedly strange childhood. Artist easy at first sight, is one of the most important photographers and currently valued. We confess admirers of his work, for many things, but above all for the tremendous magnetism that follows his work. That magnetism print only know what they do, the «chosen».



Katja Faith

Katja Faith (Belgorod, Rusia) live happily married in the Russian steppes of the ancient city of Kursk, Belgorod now called, and it takes her 23 years on his shoulders in a very peculiar and heartfelt way.

Linguist by profession but a vocation freelance artist, Katja works as an illustrator and photographer. According to the investigation and information reaching us, is planning to set up his own photo studio.

Katja Faith - Synesthesia Garden


Neu agost _Medi_Terraza

Medi Terraza

Medi Terraza (Barcelona), It is a versatile visual artist. Trained in the world of design and photography, and after several years working in the world of advertising, studio filmmaking, specializing in the production of feature films for independent producers. Interspersing these cinematographic works, with performing music video, social and cultural documentaries, small pieces of video art.

como el mar Medi_Terraza

foto video_Medi_Terraza



Alaska Highway - Ulrich Lebeuf

Ulrich Lebeuf

Ulrich Lebeouf, 1972, France, is a graphic reporter and documentary photographer. He has worked on numerous stories for the French and international press. Along with his work photojournalism who is interested in issues of popular culture, representation, consumption and the notion of immediate pleasure. The Antonyme series pudeur check out the sex industry. It is a vision of a world in which Ulrich manages to humanize the actresses, making the viewer reflect on stereotypes of the company and our own moral judgments. His work has been published in newspapers and magazines such as Le Monde, Libération, Time and National Airbus1master675Geographic. His photographs have been exhibited in various places such as the opening of the festival Rencontres d’Arles in 2006. He is a member of MYOP agency.









Daidō Moriyama. Daido studied design at Osaka, which allowed him to work as a graphic designer, but in 1961 became interested in photography so he decided to learn, I had the first teacher Takeji Iwamiya and then learned from Eikoh Hosoe with whom he worked as an assistant. In 1963 after marrying was established as an independent photographer. He was a founding member of Provoke group, created in 1969, with Takuma Nakahira and Koji Taki.3 In 1974 the School Workshop Photo was founded in Tokyo by Nobuyoshi Araki, Masahisa Fukase, Eikoh Hosoe, Noriaki Yokosuka and Shomei Tomatsu. His main student was Keizo Kitajima. His work is characterized by a technique frequently used effects flou type or blurs in the figures, overexposure and strong contrasts in black and white, so it might seem Photos imperfectas.4 The topics relate primarily to life the city with a visual radical inspired Robert Frank, Shōmei Tōmatsu, Andy Warhol and William Klein language.



anton corbijn9b88ea1

Anton Corbijn

tom-waits-anton-corbijn-7-3Anton Corbijn, Is a photographer and director of music videos, including «Personal Jesus» by Depeche Mode (1989), «One» by U2 and «Heart-Shaped Box» by Nirvana (1993). Corbijn began his career as a photographer during a concert in 1972. In 1979 he moved to London, where he began working with rock bands like Joy Division and Public Image Ltd. Corbijn During this period he also began working as a photographer for prestigious magazines like Vogue and Rolling Stone. After becoming an important photographer, Corbijn also decided to make music videos.
Also from 1993 is in charge of designing the sets that the British band Depeche Mode has in his world tours. Control Corbijn directed the film about the life of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis in 2006. The film is based on the book by Deborah Curtis Touching From A Distance of her late husband. Corbijn tends to put aside the traditional glamor photography, giving his work a more natural feel, often in black and white. The people I photograph gives the impression of being calm and away from everyday life. His photographs show natural emotions. Its patented and influential style images in black and white has been imitated or copied to the point where it has become a cliché rock and a vital part of visual language in the 1990s.

anton corbijn.

William EgglestonWilliam Eggleston

William Eggleston

William Eggleston, One of the most influential photographers of the last 40 years, called the «father of color» invites us to delve beyond the surface with their photographs.

William Eggleston‘s photographs seem simple but are strangely attractive. To observe people sometimes question: How is it that these images may qualify as art? And of course it’s easy to get confused to learn that this artist caused a dramatic shift in photography in the mid-1970s.

William Eggleston

William Eggleston.34


Edward Hopper_n

Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper was born in 1882 in New York, in a middle class family, who encouraged the artwork and career I wanted to pursue. From 1900-1906 he studied at the School of Art in New York, and while he was in school, spent illustration artwork. After college, he worked as an illustrator for a short period of time; once this career ended, he made three international trips, which had a great influence on the future of his work, and the type of art that he would hold in the course of his career. He made three trips to Europe between 1906 and 1910. In retrospect, Europe meant France, and more specifically, Paris, by Edward Hopper. This city, architecture, light, art and tradition, decisively affected their development.


Edward Hopper.World



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